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About us:
We are a danish company located in Aarhus, Denmark, but we are a international company and ship our products to all of europe.

Our mission is to connect high quality sports apparel with stunning designs and give you that winning feeling in your life.

The meaning of EO is our drive when we get out of bed in the morning!

EO means winning.

Winning the day.

Winning your life.

Winning your dream.

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EO Apparel is established in Spain by it's founders, professional triathlete Mads Bang and his girlfriend and optician Tine Kastrup.

With both their active lifestyles they both knew the importance of comfortable and good sportswear. But they were bored of the existing designs.
So they designed and developed an impressive Performance Sock that enchanced the performance of you as an athlete and at the same time add fashion, happiness and winning spirit to your life.

In the beginning Tine was the designer, she designed the socks in the living room with tape, paper, drawings, scissor and looots of hours... 
And that's how the design of FLY HIGH, WIKI, DIAMOND & COFFEE came to life. 

Through both Tine & Mads' passion for running, cycling and active lifestyle they knew that the design it selfs, wouldn't be enough, so they maked sure that the performance was in top as well, testing different kind of variations, stichting different places etc..

At last the Performance sock was born, the perfect match of performance and winning design!

Welcome to EO Apparel!